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Cruising speed


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We are pleased to inform you of the evolution from CR4 to CR4-T (Turbine).

This helicopter is dedicated to both school and travel!


For Helyxir, safety is one of the most important aspects when designing its aircraft. The materials of the fuselage, aeronautical aluminum and carbon, are chosen with care and offer maximum resistance. An exclusive electronic monitoring system makes it possible to anticipate the slightest technical failure. In addition, the use of a full FADEC Turbine completely eliminates the risk of deterioration and simplifies its use. No limitation of starting cycles, TBO 3000 hours and maintenance intervals 250 H

Each helicopter is also equipped with a special helicopter pyrotechnic parachute.
The Choppair was designed on the basis of the Mosquito Air model, marketed for 30 years, and was designed with simplicity, in order to guarantee your safety.




Engine Power




Empty weight


Cruising speed - (90 kts)




Multi-Fuel : Jet-A1/Diesel/UL91/AVGAS/Bio-Fuel


2 x 10 liters luggage compartments under the seats

Slide cabin for comfortable access

The cabin of the Choppair is very spacious, ergonomics identical to the Robinson R44.
The design and functional dashboard integrates a GARMIN G3X Avionics with a 10-inch screen, synthetic vision and engine management. Not to mention an emergency display for the main instruments which is completely redundant.


The project designers

6 years ago Didier LAGNEAUX created MOSQUITO EUROPE whose flagship project was to build and develop a 2-seater ULM helicopter demonstrator, the MOSQUITO AIR 2. Jean-Baptiste BELY, founder of AEROLIGHT, came to boost the project, which has enabled the team to validate the entire technical program making the MOSQUITO AIR 2 a perfect basis for the manufacture of a series helicopter, robust, stable, simple to maintain and above all easy to fly.

The technical success of the demonstrator, the synergy of the technical skills of the project leaders and the motivation of private investors, allow the company to take the step of industrialization of a two-seater ULM helicopter. MOSQUITO EUROPE takes the name of HELYXIR.

Why such a project ? It is on the basis of the observation that a helicopter costs around 300 € / hour for its operation, that Didier and Jean-Baptiste wanted to democratize it, by considerably reducing its price and costs, but not its performance will have a cost of exploitation around 150 € / hour.
HELYXIR is proud to announce the birth of their standard 2-seater ULM helicopter, the CHOPPAIR CR4-T.



In Order to be close as possible to your desires, Helyxir offers a vast choice of fuselage colours.
The features and performance of this device are designed to improve over time, please contact us.


Becoming an exclusive franchisee

You can become an exclusive Helyxir franchisee.

The criteria

Fanchise purchase price : 50 000€

Make the identification file in the country concerned
Creation of an Ultra Light Helicopter Flight School
Purchase of 2 Choppair CR4 Helicopters

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