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For Helyxir, safety is the utmost important aspects when designing its aircraft. The fuselage materials, aeronautical aluminium and carbon, are carefully chosen and offer maximum strength. An exclusive electronic monitoring system can be used to anticipate any technical failure. In addition, the use of an electronic injection engine ( EFI ) completely eliminates the risk of icing and increases performance.

Each helicopter is also equipped with a special helicopter pyrotechnic parachute.
The Choppair was designed on the basis of the Mosquito Air model, that has been on the market for over 30 years, and which was designed in a simple matter with the aim of ensuring safety.




Engine Power


Engine Injection


Empty weight


Cruising speed - (81 kts)




Consumption (sp98) / UL91 - 25 l/h


2 x 10 liters luggage compartments under the seats

Slide cabin for comfortable access

The Choppair cabin is very spacious and ergonomic like Robinson R44.
The design and functionability of the dashboard informs you of the bare essentials.


The project designers

Five years ago Didier LAGNEAUX created MOSQUITO EUROPE whose flagship project was to build and develop a 2 seater Ultralight helicopter demonstrator, the MOSQUITO AIR 2. Jean-Baptiste BÉLY fondator of AEROLIGHT joined forces to boost the project, this allowed the team to validate the entire technical program, making the MOSQUITO AIR 2 a perfect base for the manufacturing of a standard helicopter, robust, stable, easy to maintain but mainly easy to fly.

The technical success of the demonstrator, the synergy of the technical skills of the project owners and the motivation of private investors, allow the company to take the step of industrializing a two-seater Ultralight helicopter. MOSQUITO EUROPE becomes HELYXIR.

Why such a project ? It is on the basis that a helicopter costs about 200,000 € to buy and 300 € per hour to operate, that Didier and Jean-Baptiste decided to democratize it by reducing the price and costs of production significantly and still maintaining its performance. For this reason, the Choppair will be marketed at a price of 100,000 euros and will have an operating cost of around 150 euros per hour.
HELYXIR is proud to announce the birth of their standard 2-seater Ultralight helicopter CHOPPAIR CR4.



In Order to be close as possible to your desires, Helyxir offers a vast choice of fuselage colours.
The features and performance of this device are designed to improve over time, please contact us.


Becoming an exclusive franchisee

You can become an exclusive Helyxir franchisee.

The criteria

Fanchise purchase price : 50 000€

Make the identification file in the country concerned
Creation of an Ultra Light Helicopter Flight School
Purchase of 2 Choppair CR4 Helicopters

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